Set Hire

We have an array of bright, bold and brilliant props and set items that can add a spoonful of Bakehouse magic to any event. From life-sized animal puppets to pirate props, giant candy canes to magical mushrooms and beautiful bicycles, we’ve got all sorts of amazing props and set pieces available to hire NOW!


Garden party

Get back to nature in our garden. With a petal fountain, garden swing, astroturf block seating, floral arches, giant flowers, birds and bees, and more!


Wild things

Wonderful wild things living at Bakehouse HQ include a gorilla, penguins, camel, polar bear, pelican, owl, reindeer, a seal and more… give us a call and set them free!


Serve up a show

Lots of fun with some incredible inedibles on our Table of Terrors.  Guests can crawl under the table and pop up through the trap door to become the star...



We have an array of festive set and props including a reindeer puppet, story-telling igloo, sleigh, giant inflatable Christmas pudding and more. Contact us for a full list.


Inflatable sets

We have a host of large-scale inflatables available for hire including performance arena rings, a giant bookworm, large sticks of multicoloured rock and a giant green leaf.


Welcome to Wonderland

Take a look through our looking glass, pull up a chair at the Mad Hatters Tea Party and shrink down and explore all things Alice!



Dino dig sandpit, giant slot together dinosaur sculptures, oversized dino nest with eggs (one hatched), T-Rex stage backdrop and Denzil, our Raptor sized animatronic puppet.


Play time

We design engaging sets that encourage storytelling and imaginative play. Teepees, jungle play set, soft play equipment, sand pits and more…


Thank you for the music

From a flower-bedecked piano to a giant gramophone we have lots of music inspired set and props PLUS p.a. equipment and an in-house sound engineer.


Marvellous maritime

All aboard the good ship Bakehouse, with pirate play zone, anchors, treasure chest, backdrops (pictured) and more – we always go the extra nautical mile.


Pick up the phone

For a full list of items available for hire, or if you can’t find what you are looking for, call us, we can always create it for you!


Happy days

For special occasions, parties and anniversaries we’ve got some fantastic treats up our sleeve including a giant present and a chair that floats!

Can't find what you're looking for?

Would a bus sized telescope help? Seriously, we could make one! In fact we might have one in storage already. Give us a call and let’s see if we can cook something up for you. We have plenty of colourful characters, props and packages ready to go, and if it doesn’t exist we’ll build it from scratch.

Call us on 0117 329 1919