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Corporate Training

We kicked off 2018 with another great day with Private Drama who we have worked with over the last four years, devising and delivering the interactive and immersive theatrical elements of their events. This brief was for a company training conference at Mercedes Benz World. We were tasked to find a way to convey the new Human Resource offering from the company to its staff in an interesting, engaging and memorable way. The styling of the company’s creative for this season was slightly Victorian in feel, so we created six larger than life Victorian characters, each of them inhabiting a world that was inspired by a different message.

The event was a great success, with 250 delegates experiencing fun filled informative play throughout the day, and even a Great British Bake Off style finale which the hilarious ‘Tobias Topping’ and ‘Felicity Flexicon’ hosted upon the main stage, the winner receiving a Mercedes Benz…driving experience!

‘We have literally been INUNDATED with the most incredible feedback about how fabulous the event was and – in particular – the HR Zone which thus far, from the 100+ post-event surveys that have been completed, is the out and out winner of ‘best zone’ award!!!’