Return on Investment For Your Events

From roaming acts to large-scale experiences and installations, we are confident that events make a difference. When visitors experience the surprise and delight of interacting with or watching our performances, their perception of that place changes – the way they feel about your shopping centre or attraction changes. We know this is true, because we receive such incredible feedback from families, children and adults alike at all our events.

“This event was amazing – I can’t wait to see you again next week, we’ll definitely be coming back!” 

The world would be a wonderful place if we measured success by ‘sizes of smiles’ and ‘magnitude of laughter’, or the degree of ‘warmth and fuzziness’ achieved when people have those warm, fuzzy feelings. When a talented character actor in a beautiful handmade costume stops you in your tracks and pays for your coffee – just because – or a busy parent can take a breather while children enjoy stories or crafts, the benefits are real and tangible.

But, notoriously hard to quantify.

We understand how important it is for our clients to demonstrate the ROI for their spend, never more so than in our current budget-sensitive times, with turnover tenancies and retailers struggling to recover from the pandemic. And, nice as it would be, we know we can’t rely on the softer outcomes alone, so Bakehouse has found creative ways to incorporate data capture into all of our events and it’s really paying off for our clients.

Here’s how we do it:

Along with gathering anecdotal feedback and visitor quotes, to share with the client, performers capture the number of visitors with whom they interact using clicker counters. We capture the number of direct interactions as well as indirect or passive engagement.

When we have Event Managers on live events, they conduct sample surveys to establish qualitative visitor feedback.

We incorporate QR codes into our sets, signage and even as wearable features of character costumes so we can invite visitors to scan to book their place, enter competitions, or sign up for newsletters.

Our leave-behind sets come with button activators, laser counters or pressure sensors which enable us to accurately capture the number of interactions. This is particularly helpful on long runs where the interaction numbers can be high and one photo op installation from last Christmas collected evidence of more than 44,000 interactions – valuable data for the client’s reporting that they would otherwise not have. Incorporating other tech such as photobooths (where we can email digital files to customers), and sound triggers from buttons or touch-free sensors, adds a fun interactive element too.

Ticketing events allows us to manage numbers, avoid queueing, understand levels of interest and, crucially, capture visitor emails for marketing comms.