Roaming Acts

Our roaming characters will liven up any event with their colourful costumes and brilliant banter. Each act has a host of stories and interactions to engage with all ages, making them a hit wherever they go. Characters are brought to life by our specialist performers, all experts in interactive fun and foolery. Want something tailored just for you? We can write a brand new story and set of characters for you. If nobody catches your eye,  don’t fret! We have a whole load of characters just waiting in the wings.


Candyfloss Heads

This mobile ‘Candy Floss’ stall gives more than you bargained for! The candy flosses are actually puppets, and together the trio entertain with songs, jokes and games!


Hairy Scary Bakers

Get into character at Halloween with wonky witches, zany zombies,  and ghoulish ghosts…contact us on 0117 329 1919 for the full list.


Snap Sisters

Sharp, styled and ready for action, the Snap Sisters are fashionista photographers on a mission!


Well Dressed Animals

Terry Nutkin and his enchanting friends bring their own quirky version of Park Life to any event.


Thank You Sisters

These singing sisters show that two little words make all the difference!


Denzel the Dinosaur

Our roaming dino likes to get out and about with his expert palaeontologist keepers.


Go down the rabbit hole

Get curiouser and curiouser with Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts! Contact us for more details 0117 329 1919.


Parcel Passers

These playful characters activate a giant game of pass the parcel, it’s better to give than receive right (!?!)


Lucious Libre

These Mexican wrestlers pack a punch and get hands-on with high energy bouts of thumb war!


Chinese Dragon

Celebrate the traditions of Chinese New Year with this interactive roaming show, our dancing characters and dragon puppet make a lovely and lucky!


Festive Folk

We have some cracking Christmas characters from the striking Snow Queen to the energetic Elf & Fitness fanatics. Get in touch to find your perfect festive walk-about characters.


Space Cadets

Our roaming intergalactic gals and are simply out of this world, causing cosmic chaos wherever they land.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Would a bus sized telescope help? Seriously, we could make one! In fact we might have one in storage already. Give us a call and let’s see if we can cook something up for you. We have plenty of colourful characters, props and packages ready to go, and if it doesn’t exist we’ll build it from scratch.

Call us on 0117 329 1919