Something special for Valentine’s, you say?

Don’t mind if we do – we love you for asking.

Depending on what stats you read, with anything from £900million to upwards of a £1.5 billion being spent on the most amorous day of the year, why not add some lovely Valentine’s performance to captivate and engage your customer.

Here are a few of our tried and tested Valentine’s acts to get the heart racing.

Cupid’s Agents of Love

Random acts of kindness delivered oh-so beautifully by Cupid’s very own Agents of Love. Armed with bow and arrow, they can’t help but hit the mark – with gifts of roses and chocolates, they will roam the mall and in and out of participating retailers to ensure everyone feels the love this Valentine’s Day.


Rococo Loco Lovers Live

For a high-fashion, lusciously photogenic roaming act, nothing quite tops this duo of standout Rococo lovers.


Experience a Shakespearean sonneteer calligraphist – dressed in full Elizabethan garb, who will compose brilliant on-the-spot sonnets for guests based on information they provide about their Valentine’s.

With two improv actors drawing the crowds and creating moments of theatre inspired by visitors, this is a fantastic crowd-pleaser of an event. We can include a photo backdrop and Elizabethan dress-up items for people to pose for their perfect lovers’ photos.

The Beauty of Roaming Acts

Roaming acts work for any theme and any season and can be as simple as a duo of characters – or as complex and ambitious as a total theatrical takeover on the high street or mall!

Roaming activation has always been a sturdy go-to option for events in retail settings but the format seems to have come into its own over the past 18 months (or however long it’s been since you-know-what started)!

It stands to reason: practically limitless character options and constantly migrating entertainment that can reach into all the nooks and crannies, without gathering crowds or causing guests to linger when we want to keep folks moving.

Needless to say, at Bakehouse we have long thought of roaming as a brilliant, fun, cost-effective solution for anyone wishing to keep the spirit of regular events alive in-centre, especially for the small to medium budget calendar moments such as Valentine’s or even the Queen’s Jubilee, and we love getting creative with the format.

Get in touch if you have an idea you want to discuss, or you want a ready-made act quickly.