Event Packages

We have delivered hundreds of events over the years, and have developed some tried and tested packages that we know work really well for retail environments, tourist attractions and public spaces. As we’ve already made the set and costumes and developed the scripts, these packages are cost-effective ways to create a buzz and drive footfall to your venue.


Eco School

What’s underneath the big green leaf? This impactful inflatable set is perfect for engaging families with sustainability and environmental messages.


Christmas Packages

We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up with a number of magical snow-covered seasonal events – contact us for the full list 0117 329 1919.


Dino School

Terry Dactyl and her friends teach pint-sized paleontologists everything they need to know about dinosaurs. With sand pit dino-dig, dino-kitchen, wooden skeleton sculptures and even a giant animatronic dinosaur...


Chocolate Factory

Our brilliant whizz-popping, sweety-swirling Chocolate Machine makes an eye-catching retail installation. Visitors are invited to reimagine chocolate bars – each one unique in character and wrapped in its one-of-a-kind wrapper.


Hellish Host

A host of haunting Halloween events will bring a chill to fright night… call 0117 329 1919 for the full list of interactive experiences.


Little Big Read

From a storytelling tipi to a large scale library takeover, a giant bookworm and a reading tree, get in touch to see what works for you.



We’ve worked with a variety of partners, including Aardman and Dreamworks, to screen films.  Our performers deliver immersive theatre and role play around the content, popcorn goes down well...


Humpty Dumpty

Poor Humpty, we can’t put him together again without some help…thank goodness children know the story and love to get involved.


Flower Garden

In the secret flower fab fashions and new beauty products await. Hosted by our Rococo characters this set is perfect for retailer engagement.


Can’t find what your looking for?

We have lots of engaging encounters waiting in the wings or we can cook up something bespoke! 0117 329 19191.


Mad Hatters Tea Party

Our Alice in Wonderland set and characters bring Lewis Carols’ magical story to life, enter the shrinking portal and join a whole host of magical characters including Alice and the White Rabbit. 


Ahoy there!

Blistering barnacles our pirate events bring the Yo Ho Ho to any scurvy crew do!

Can't find what you're looking for?

Would a bus sized telescope help? Seriously, we could make one! In fact we might have one in storage already. Give us a call and let’s see if we can cook something up for you. We have plenty of colourful characters, props and packages ready to go, and if it doesn’t exist we’ll build it from scratch.

Call us on 0117 329 1919