Top tips for the spookiest Halloween EVER!

We love Halloween and so do retailers, it is the second most profitable time of year after Christmas, and people go nuts for it, especially in Bristol. It allows us to explore a sense of naughtiness that’s right up our street! It’s all about turning the rules on their heads – staying up late, scaring people in the streets, and eating ridiculous amounts of sugar way past bedtime is just the beginning.

Adults and children both love it, and for years we have been predicting an upsurge in the way we Brits adopt this all-American festival of frights. It’s certainly happening with gusto all around us and here are some ideas for making your own Halloween parties really rock this year:

  • ‘Scustin Zombie Hands: these couldn’t be easier and they’re so effective. Hand them out (see what I did?) to trick or treaters or make them at home with the kids for scary movie night… Ingredients: one clear glove, red stickers/jelly sweets, popcorn and ribbon to tie shut. Take a handful of popcorn, enough to fill the glove. Add stickers to the fingertips, tie closed… et voila!
  • Zombification: the internet is full of brilliant video tutorials on how to do your own zombie make-up with everything from liquid latex wounds oozing with grimness to creepy third eyes. Because we like you, Bakehouse is up for sharing our top tip for your Halloween makeover.  Shhhhh… don’t tell everyone.  It’s all about the eyes. Go fully undead with some amazing wear-once contact lenses to be sure to scare the life out of anyone at this year’s office Halloween party! All black or all red eyes work a treat.
  • Day of the Dead is the Mexican festival that gives a mariachi fanfare and worldly twist to Halloween parties. With colourful costumes and striking face painting, this will certainly make your party an Instagram sensation. We advise you go carefully with the Tequila though!
 Day of the Dead