#WeMakeEvents Bristol Q&A

Last night, Bakehouse joined over two-hundred of Bristol’s events professionals to unite in support of We Make Events and to welcome The Survival Tour on the Bristol leg of their epic 1500KM cycle ride.

The Survival Tour

Photography: Paul Box

This amazing group, consisting of five event leaders, have been cycling between 50 of the UK’s most iconic performance venues to raise awareness of the struggles facing our industry due to COVID-19 as well as to raise some much-needed funds! If you are able to, please head over to their donations page where they are collecting vital funds for those in the events world who need urgent support.


We caught up with our Creative Director, Hannah McGavin and Performer Manager, Hetty Burton as they arrive at the demonstration outside the newly renamed Bristol Beacon.

Hetty (L) and Hannah (R) join the #WeMakeEvents demonstration in central Bristol.

Q: As an introduction for anyone not familiar with Bakehouse, could you talk a little about your backgrounds in performing arts and the events industry?

HM: I’ve been super lucky to travel the world with my background in dance and I’ve always loved creating characters, writing narratives and choreographing shows that take audiences on new journeys.

I founded Bakehouse as a kitchen table business with a group of creative friends who had a shared passion for immersive events. Together we’ve worked on pretty much everything from exclusive private events to stadium gigs for a whole host of clients. I can’t believe it will be our tenth birthday next year and I’m hoping to throw a big bash to celebrate!

HB: I grew up going to gigs and watching live theatre and I loved being a part of an audience that experienced something together! Now I work on the other side, acting, performing and organising the communal fun.

Q: Tonight is all set to be an amazing outpouring of solidarity amongst Bristol’s events community. Why do you think the #WeMakeEvents campaign is so vital right now?

HM: It’s totally devastating to see so many viable and successful companies facing potential collapse over the coming months. The government hasn’t provided the focussed support the events industry needs to ensure that we make it to the other side of this crisis.

HB: I want people to be safe and for our industry to survive and thrive! Live experience is fundamental for everyone. It’s not what we breathe or eat, but it feeds our soul, fuels our spirit and We Make Events is playing a vital part in bringing us together! We all need to be strong and get ready to come back when it’s safe. At the moment, we need the support in place to do that – to serve the need for shared experiences.

Q: What is the atmosphere like in Bristol right now? How are you both feeling? 

HM: I’m so proud to be standing alongside so many other Bristol-based creatives who make this amazing city the vibrant, colourful and dynamic place that it is!

HB: Emotional! I’m proud to stand with others who are part of bringing the magic of live events!

We are ridiculously proud of our hometown, brimming with creativity and it’s our events community and demonstrations such as this that make Bristol such an incredible and exciting place to be!