Corporate & VIP

Marvellous Manga

We had so much fun at the British Museum with this MANGA-TASTIC event! We were asked by Private Drama to create 18 characters to host a private party for a corporate client. Company messaging was weaved into the scripts for some very OTT characters who hosted the night, with interactive vignettes, scripted shows and tour guided journeys. 250 guests were led around the gorgeous iconic setting discovering a variety of scenes showcasing the charitable work that the company undertake.
Crazy cat ladies met bizarre 80’s businessmen, otherworldly spirit guides led visitors to discover orchestras, marvellous meals and touching dramatic scenes with the elderly gentleman ‘Arthur Lone’ and ‘Billy’ the postman. This busy, bustling night was held together by a team of stage managers who kept the timings on track and ensured that the complex theatrical structure was delivered seamlessly.  Our very own Project Managers, Katie Dane and Gemma Box, headed up two of the teams. A memorable, manga-marvellous night for all involved, and a lot of wet wipes needed at the end (to remove that make-up of course!).
‘The way that you took our rather random briefs and brought them to life via the most incredibly engaging and believable actors was AMAZING!!!’ Private Drama
Manga Character Collage Manga British Museum Cast