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StarWash Roller Disco

Welcome to the StarWash Roller Disco!

Lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours, neon floor and funky tunes as you zoom around the rink under the sparkling disco ball!

Led by The StarWash crew of cool cats under a giant sparkling mirror ball bringing the D.I.S.C.O. vibes, this is more than just a roller rink, it’s an immersive experience where skaters can ‘get down’ both on and off the rink.

From glitter-tastic face bling action and disco flashmob dances, to groovy games and jive-talking banter, you never know what will be happening at the StarWash!

As well as letting the good vibes roll on the rink with roller boots to fit young and old, the StarWash experience has a fresh and funky photo booth to capture your star quality StarWash vibe – dang you look good!

So come and hang out at the funkiest rink in town to get your groove on and enjoy yourself to the max.  Can you dig it?