Cultural & Tourist Attractions

The Forest Giants

Majestic and mighty, the Forest Giants are rooted in the natural history of the land. Larger than life characters celebrating the importance and brilliance of trees, woodlands and nature in all its forms.

Each of the five Forest Giants is the custodian of a different message, aiming to encourage fellow forest friends to help understand the ancient trees of old, and support and love the trees of the future.

Made using waste slab wood from sustainably managed woodlands very close to our Bristol HQ, three mighty Tree Giants were first created as part of a commission by¬†Bracknell Forest Council and The Lexicon, Bracknell to highlight the Borough of Bracknell Forest’s tree strategy in 2021.

In 2022, two brand new additions joined the Tree Giants as they returned to The Lexicon as part of The Bracknell Forest Festival. We devised a programme of entertainment, music, a bespoke theatre show and a seedling sprite window trail.

They have since travelled to the Eden Project in October 2023 where Eden Project engaged visitors with stories and workshops focussing on sustainability and protecting the world’s forests.