Meet the fantastic Christine Lockhart

You may recognise Christine from our events, she’s been with us from the very start, she’s one of our superstars! A multi-talented, energetic and creative performer Christine is a firm favourite with audiences and clients alike. Here’s her Bakehouse story.

How did you become a performer?

I have been dancing and singing for as long as I can remember. From a young age, I’d also watch and memorise entire dialogues and narrations from my favourite films, creating miniature recitals in my living room, or simply performing to my own reflection in the mirror. It was the encouragement of family and the choice words from mentors along the way that kept me going, along with an unending and unyielding desire to be better, to be stronger, to overcome obstacles, even when the odds were stacked against me.

From the age of 4, I began training as a dancer in New York City, and continued my training as I matured, entering the reputable Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, gaining a full scholarship to various dance programs and intensives along the way. Upon gaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from the University of South Florida, with admission into the Golden Key International Honour Society, I went on tour professionally as a Dancer/Choreographer in the US, whilst singing in regular venues, for a number of years before settling in the UK. In the UK I pursued life as an Independent Performing Artist: Dancer, Singer, Choreographer, Actress: touring, teaching in various Colleges, Conservatories, and Universities throughout Wales and England, working with incredible artists along the way, and creating experiences to last a lifetime.

How long have you been working with Bakehouse?

I have been with Bakehouse from the very beginning, having forged close and professional relationships with the founders, and long-term term team members, that precede Bakehouse by a number of years.

Christine Lockhart

What’s special about working with Bakehouse?

Bakehouse operates on the highest of standards and genuinely bring magic and the world of art to so many. The ability to inspire is perhaps one of the greatest attributes I can apply to working with this incredible and vibrant company. It is through inspiration that doors are opened, that minds are challenged. That is why I feel what we do is so important. When we can get a child or adult to suspend their disbelief for even just a moment, then anything becomes possible.

Can you share any particular highlights?

Wow, there have honestly been so many highlights throughout the years. One that comes to mind was a week-long event I performed and managed called, Get Musical on Broadway. For this event, we had live music, dance classes, and treasure hunts. Whilst we had the expected love, adoration, and involvement of small children, what really stood out was the impact we had on teenagers, who literally came back every day, and who blossomed with confidence as each day passed. Not to mention, other more elderly counterparts, who came and eventually shared their stories and songs. We enlivened a community who were clearly starving for a creative outlet and brought unlikely people of different generations together. This is what I love!

Another quick and wonderful highlight is one that actually happens quite often: where I am recognised by parents and children throughout the UK, and quite often by the sound of my voice alone. Ooo, a ‘lil bit ‘o fame!

Who has been your favourite Bakehouse character?

Again, I’ve had far too favourites over the years. One that instantly pops out is when I played the role of…

Gloria Gaynor for our Great Gatsby Extravaganza at Whiteleys in London, Bayswater. I got to be the star of the show: compere-ing onstage, hosting catwalk, singing insatiable numbers to roaring applause, teaching hundreds to do the Charleston, and just keeping the party going. It was such a smash, visitors actually brought flowers and cards, a random artist painted a picture of me singing onstage. I got a room of at least a few hundred people to do the Cha Cha Cha, and I was visited daily by a Queen Elizabeth look-alike (who could really do the Charleston!).


Ruby Rocks, for a Brighton event a while back, is also another great memory, again, as the host extraordinaire, singing, dancing, teaching, playing.. being larger than life (and consequently the face inside the first large kaleidoscope Bakehouse ever made).

What other projects are you working on?

As a singer, lyricist, and songwriter, I work with several bands and am currently recording and devising work for new albums, videos, and live performance. I am also about to narrate my very first novel and a short story for the Sci-Fi author, William Galaini.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My only current ambition is to keep the love for what I do alive…to rise always, like a phoenix from the ashes, lighting fires in the hearts of others.

Queen Bee Character