Retail Activation

Great Gatsby at Whiteleys

To coincide with the launch of the Great Gatsby film, the iconic art deco shopping centre Whitleys, Bayswater, London, commissioned us to turn back the clocks to the rip-roaring twenties. We created a period-inspired set and playful pre-promote film and kicked off the event with a VIP night including a sensational swing band. The event itself entertained all ages, with repeat customers everyday and a growing audience throughout. The grand piano hosted by ‘Swell Sam’ kept them entertained, while ‘Gloria Gatsby’ made sure a good time was being had by all. ‘Bunny Boufler’ made up beautiful faces with false lashes, lips and just the right amount of rouge, while ‘JG’ the main man enraptured visitors with the greatest of Gatsby games. Fabulous choreographed fashion shows inspired and delighted, and led to a direct uplift in sales. This was an exciting, stylish event that truly¬†captured the imaginations – so much so that our dancing ladies managed to get 200 people dancing the Charleston at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon! Bakehouse magic at it’s best.